Big Annual Sale is This Weekend – Don’t Miss It!

Over 30 years ago, Gohlke Pools started having an annual sale—called The Big Sale! This is a great opportunity for pool owners to stock up for the season at special discounted prices and to begin preparing for the upcoming pool season. Following is a schedule of the events planned: Thursday, April … [Read more...]

Let’s Get an Early Start Battling the Mosquitoes

Back in 2012, we were dealing with the West Nile virus being spread by mosquitos. This year, the Zika virus has been in the news. Regardless of the disease or the year, it is safe to say mosquitos can cause real problems and we all need to do our part to cut down on the mosquito population. Although … [Read more...]

Spring Pool Checklist

Pools should be a source of fun and relaxation, not a source of constant work and worry. Pool care can be very simple and we have found that being consistent and uniform in chemical treatment, vacuuming, basket cleaning, and filter cleaning are the keys to successful pool care. Pool care is like … [Read more...]

Gohlke Pools Wins 2016 Design Awards

Gohlke Pools was recently recognized at the United Aqua Group Annual Conference held in Rancho Palos Verdes, California in February. Gohlke Pools once again received Outstanding Design awards for two area pools built in 2015. The pools represent the latest in custom design techniques and backyard … [Read more...]

Poolside Landscaping

Now that Spring has officially arrived and outdoor temperatures being very conducive to outdoor activities, it is a great time to look to improve your poolside landscaping. Summer is not a good time of the year as it is too hot for the actively growing plants—making them more susceptible to damage. … [Read more...]

Swimming Pool Care Tips after the Rains

It has been a great start in the area of weather thus far in 2016. With that being said, it has been a very rainy week—with most rain gauges in the area showing multiple inch rains. Hopefully 2016 will not be a repeat of 2015 when it comes to rainfall. Heavy rain can wreak havoc on swimming … [Read more...]

A Mild Winter

In recent winters we heard phrases such as “polar vortex”, “thunder sleet”, and “cobblestone ice”. But not this winter. According to the Weather Underground website, we had 17 days at or below freezing (at DFW airport). As a reminder, our average number of freezes is 33. Last winter we had 40 … [Read more...]

Pool Season Appears to be Coming Sooner than Normal

Just a few weeks ago I was asking the question, “Will winter ever arrive?” The answer now appears to be “No, it will not”. Although I do like the occasional snow in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it appears that this year we will have to do without. We are considerably behind our average number of … [Read more...]

Will Winter Ever Arrive?

It sure seems to have been a mild winter thus far. After our first freeze on November 22nd, it has fell to freezing or below approximately 13 times at DFW airport. We are slightly behind our average of 24.2 freezes thru January. WFAA recently reported that January daily temperatures were above … [Read more...]

Building a New Pool

Welcome to another edition of Gohlke Pools Radio with Matt Gohlke. Matt, today we're talking about building a new pool, and this is the perfect time of year to start that work in order to have that new pool ready when the hot summer season gets here.   … [Read more...]