How to Select a Contractor

I recently started a building project at my house that had nothing to do with a swimming pool. This project involved hiring multiple contractors, and it reminded me how complicated the process of hiring contractors can be. There are many very good building contractors in the area, but there are … [Read more...]

How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cost to Build?

One of the most common questions that pool builders get is—“How much does a swimming pool cost to build?” It is a very difficult question to answer, as costs vary depending on many different variables. As with many other purchases, prices vary greatly depending on what the prospective buyer is … [Read more...]

Now is the Time to Begin Planning a Pool

Most pool builders are asked two questions more than they hear other questions—and those questions are: “What is the best time of year to build a swimming pool?” “How do I begin the planning process for a swimming pool?” Following are the answers to these very common questions: What … [Read more...]

A commitment from Gohlke Pools for 2017

We always end the year with mixed emotions. We are happy that we get a chance to reflect back on 2016 and we have some great memories, a few successes, and also a few failures. In addition, it allows us to look at the goals that we set and see how we did. Overall, we are pleased with 2016, but we … [Read more...]

Continuing Freeze Warnings

Winter is upon us and our Texas weather is as interesting and unpredictable as always. We continue to vacilate between sunny, warm afternoons followed by abrupt dips into the teens and twenties. To be prepared for freezing weather, it is important that you know how to prevent freeze damage if … [Read more...]

Dealing with Freeze Damage After the Thaw

There may be quite a bit of freeze damage that becomes evident as the temperatures warm up and leaks begin.  Most of the pool damage that occurred will be at the pool equipment pad—pumps, filters, heaters, pipes, etc.  Following is the recommended course of action if you observe freeze damage: … [Read more...]

Freeze Warning This Week — Be Prepared!

We are expecting the first freeze of the season toward the end of this week—and pool owners should be prepared, as it appears that it will be a hard freeze, with temperatures forecast to get as low as 20 degrees. The average first freeze occurring in the DFW area on November 22nd, so it appears that … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Pool Owner

Are you having trouble deciding on a gift for that person that is difficult to buy for? You know, the person who has everything. One special way to honor that person is to make a contribution in their name to a worthwhile charity. Denton has many excellent non-profit agencies that could use and are … [Read more...]

4 Alternatives on How to Deal with the Leaves Falling Into Your Pool

This has been a very warm fall—reportedly the warmest October on record.  But with the first cold front of this winter now here, leaves are falling. What can a pool owner do to combat the leaf problem?  Short of cutting the trees down (please don’t do this), following are some suggestions to … [Read more...]

Pool Heaters: Heat that Cool Water!

What a great September/October we have had thus far—we have had some very warm days followed by cool days, which has resulted in lower pool water temperatures. Average water temperatures in the Denton area are now in the low to mid 70’s. Although according to the National Oceanographic Data … [Read more...]