Will Winter Ever Arrive?

It sure seems to have been a mild winter thus far. After our first freeze on November 22nd, it has fell to freezing or below approximately 13 times at DFW airport. We are slightly behind our average of 24.2 freezes thru January. WFAA recently reported that January daily temperatures were above … [Read more...]

Building a New Pool

Welcome to another edition of Gohlke Pools Radio with Matt Gohlke. Matt, today we're talking about building a new pool, and this is the perfect time of year to start that work in order to have that new pool ready when the hot summer season gets here.   … [Read more...]

How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cost to Build?

One of the most common questions that pool builders get is—“How much does a swimming pool cost to build?” It is a very difficult question to answer, as costs vary depending on many different variables. As with many other purchases, prices vary greatly depending on what the prospective buyer is … [Read more...]

Now is the Time to Begin Planning a Pool

Most pool builders are asked two questions more than they hear other questions—and those questions are: “What is the best time of year to build a swimming pool?” “How do I begin the planning process for a swimming pool?”   Following are the answers to these very common questions: What is … [Read more...]

Hot Tubs—‘Tis the Season

Hot tubs have increased in popularity in recent years.  There are many reasons for this recent trend.  Unlike swimming pools, hot tubs can be used year-round.  In addition, hot tubs take up less space and provide a good alternative to a pool in the smaller backyards of many homes being built today.  … [Read more...]

Freeze Warning This Weekend – Be Prepared!

We are expecting the first freeze of the season this weekend—and pool owners should be prepared. The average first freeze occurring in the DFW area on November 22nd, so it appears that it will happen just about on schedule this year. With many weather forecasters predicting a colder and wetter … [Read more...]

A Report from the Pool Expo

The International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo was recently held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Pool Expo is the must-attend event for the pool, spa, and backyard industry to stay abreast of trends, market directions, and cutting-edge technology.  It attracts close to 10,000 … [Read more...]

Flooding Followed by Drought Followed by Flooding

This has been a crazy year thus far weather-wise. We started out with record rainfall in April & May, followed by an extremely dry period of over 40 straight days of no precipitation, which is the third longest dry stretch since records have been kept (1898). We then had the second wettest … [Read more...]

The Rain is Finally Coming!

This has been a very strange weather year. We have had record heat this month, but don’t forget about the record rainfall in April & May. In addition, we have had two very long stretches without any measurable rain—41 days (July 9th thru August 18th) and 32 days (September 20th thru today). But … [Read more...]

Still Swimming?

Even though it has been unseasonably warm this week, pool water temperatures continue to fall due to the cooler nights that we have been having. Although quite a few people (especially kids) will swim thru October, for others the water will soon be simply too uncomfortable—as most of us prefer … [Read more...]