Pool Heaters: Heat that Cool Water!

What a great September/October we have had thus far—we have had some very warm days followed by cool days, which has resulted in lower pool water temperatures. Average water temperatures in the Denton area are now in the low to mid 70’s. Although according to the National Oceanographic Data … [Read more...]

Top 5 Winter Pool Care Options for the Denton Area

With October 3rd being the latest 100 degree day that we have experienced (since records have been kept in 1898), it is a pretty safe bet to say that the 100 degree days appear to be over for this year. The DFW area had 18 days at or above 100 degrees, which, oddly enough, is our average since … [Read more...]

Gohlke Pools – Alternative Gifts Fair Matching Sponsor

We at Gohlke Pools engage with the community we do business with in a number of ways. One way that we think pays off in multiple ways is through the Alternative Gifts Fair, an annual fundraising event for local charities sponsored by the First United Methodist Church of Denton, Texas. The … [Read more...]

Fall is a Great Time of Year to Enjoy Your Swimming Pool

We have now had 18 days at or above 100 degrees this summer, which, oddly enough, is also the average number of days that we typically experience each summer at or above 100 degrees. Following is how the last 6 years shape up: 2016—18     2015—13            2014—14     2013—28            … [Read more...]

Poolside Landscaping

I have long said that the difference between swimming pools that look good and those that look great, and are often times award winning pools, comes down to one thing—landscaping. It is really amazing how much difference a well thought out landscaping plan can make to a backyard pool. As we enter … [Read more...]

Tips for Having a Great Pool Party This Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend is typically a big weekend for swimming pool parties. With the relatively mild weather that we have been experiencing as of late, especially compared to the first two weeks of August, pools and backyards are a great place to be this coming weekend! Following is a checklist to … [Read more...]

Pool Care Tip: Dealing with Summer Rains & High Pool Water Temperatures

The first two weeks of August were very hot, but since then we have been experiencing very mild weather. And now with the rains that we have experienced—weather in August doesn’t get any better than this. With that being said, the rains coupled with the high pool water temperatures can make … [Read more...]

Dealing with Hot Weather Pool Problems

With the 100 degree temperatures that arrived this week, we are again reminded that hot weather can create problems for swimming pools even when a routine swimming pool maintenance program is followed. Two of the most common pool problems that pool owners experience this time of year are cloudy … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Cool Your Pool Water

Although our 100 degree temperatures came a bit later this summer than they typically do, it is still very hot this time of year. Traditionally one of the solutions to dealing with the summer heat is the cool enjoyment that a swimming pool can provide. That is not always possible in August—as pool … [Read more...]

Poop in the Pool

Several times per year we get the following call—“Someone has pooped in the pool—do we have to drain all of the water out of the pool?” With no disrespect to the movie Caddyshack, the pool does not have to be drained. According to the Pool & Spa Operator Handbook, a publication of the … [Read more...]