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Poolside Landscaping

Proper landscaping is often the difference between a pool that looks good versus one that looks great.  We often see that poolside landscaping is sometimes overlooked—but it can add so much to a pool area, not only aesthetically, but privacy as well.

Since families sometimes spend as much time relaxing by their pool as they do swimming in it, careful consideration must be given to the type of environment created by the trees and plants selected for the landscape.

There are several factors pool owners should consider when choosing trees and other plants for landscaping in order to reduce maintenance and to protect their investment.

Custom Landscaping

Custom Landscaping

  • Design lawns and flower beds so they slope away from the pool.  If necessary, install a low, watertight edging or wall on the pool side of the lawn or planting area.  This will help keep debris from entering the pool.
  • Don’t plant trees too close to the pool.  Trees provide a scenic background to any pool area, but a tree too close to a pool can result in a skimmer clogged with fallen leaves, leading to poor circulation and the growth of algae and bacteria.  Also, some trees have root systems that can invade plumbing lines and damage the pool’s decking.
  • Place plants in raised planters or moveable pots as opposed to directly adjacent to the pool in planter areas (deck leave-outs).  Water run-off from plants can clog the pool’s filtration system and disturb the pool’s chemical balance.
  • Try not to mow or water the lawn immediately before using the pool.  Wet or loose grass clippings are easier for swimmers to track into the pool.
  • Keep lawn and plant fertilizer out of the pool.  Fertilizer will inhibit the ability of the chemical product to treat the pool and can stain the pool surface.

By following these simple guidelines the chances of having problems with your pool and landscaping will be greatly reduced.  Of course, despite the most well thought-out plant placement and selection, some debris is still likely to enter your pool.  Don’t panic.  Almost any problem can be solved with the proper care.

Pool Renovations
Pool Renovations
Pool Renovations

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